Are You Searching Online For An IT Support Firm Because You’re Dealing With Ongoing IT Problems And Don’t Know Who You Can Trust To Fix It Fast?


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24/7 Support 24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Securing your revenue by supporting your process. Never go without IT service again with 100% US based support when you need it.

Predictable Cost Predictable Cost

Predictable Cost

No more hourly rates! No more hidden fees! No more uncertainty! Know what your IT expenses will be with our simple flat-rate model.

Built Around You Built Around You

Built Around You

Internal IT staff or not, your process is our priority. Best in class tried and true solutions customized for your operations.

Aligned Success Aligned Success

Aligned Success

We win when you win. Overcome any obstacle with a trusted partner by your side. A flexible all-inclusive model that accommodates the ebbs and flows your business faces.


to work with Engler IT

Business Savvy:

We will solve your problems in a way that saves you money and makes operations more efficient so that your business can run better than ever before.

Speak To A Real Person:

Any call to Engler IT is answered live, by a real person, so we can get things figured out quickly. No frustration or time-wasting talking to a machine!

One Hand To Shake:

A single contact to manage all your tech vendors so you can focus on your business which simplifies your process and saves you time.

A True Partner:

Long term focused and always ahead of the curve so you can trust that you're investing in the right technology now to grow your business in the future. We're with you every step of the way!

You Talk, We Listen:

Your problems efficiently identified so that you can get the right solutions your business needs to succeed.

We Are IT:

Decades of experience so your IT runs smoothly which means more up time, more productivity, and more profit.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We stand by our work and are committed to your success so you can rest assured that your happiness is our top priority.

24 x 7 x 365 Support

Securing your revenue by supporting your process. Never go without IT service again with 100% US based support when you need it.

Truly All Inclusive

No project or out-of-scope labor cost. Forget about hourly rates and having to track how long a technician spent on site. There are no hidden charges in our agreement. Anywhere. Period.

Your IT Department

Dedicated to the success of your business so that your employees are more productive, allowing your business to grow.

Predictable Cost

You are never billed for labor. Our pricing is simple, transparent, and predictable, allowing you to accurately budget for growth.

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Business Continuity

Your process on your terms. Gain resiliency by implementing the right technologies the right way. From strategy to best practices. Guard your business so it can stay running no matter what comes your way.





Evaluate IT Support With Just Four Questions

Ask the right questions to really understand whether an IT Company is a fit for your organization. Here are the answers you'll hear from a company that is completely aligned with your business.



How is your IT service contract structured? Is there anything that you're charged extra for?

Our Answer

We provide truly flat-rate pricing. You will never be charged for labor. Ever. We will grow and contract with you with no changes to the level of service you'll receive.



Does your IT provider charge any type of on-boarding fee to get started? If so, how much?

Our Answer

We don't have any on-boarding fees to get started. We take all the risk. Our contract is simple and transparent, and aligns our business goals with yours.



Are you charged project fees, labor for system upgrades, office moves, or installing new equipment?

Our Answer

Zero project fees. Zero labor fees for ANY upgrades, moves, or installing equipment. You won't be charged for labor for anything.



Does your monthly IT service fee go up AND down based on your needs? How so?

Our Answer

A simple flat rate monthly fee only adjusts based on your success. Our contract scales as your business grows and even contracts if times get tough.

What Our Clients Say

Trustworthy, Professional And Responsive

Having a trustworthy company supporting our technology environment and data is critical. We are in a very specific arena of construction and we rely on technology for our main office and field personnel. Engler IT keeps our network and systems running with little to no issues. If an issue arises or I need help or expert advice, Chris makes sure that it is attended to and resolved right away.

For more than 15 years Engler IT has taken care of us and our growing needs. Let’s just say that I trust Chris and his team, period. If you have any hesitation about your IT support, call Chris now!

Vance Rogers Vice President
Concrete Visions, LLC

Fast response time and personal service

Engler IT provides us the ability to confidently hand-off all our IT-related issues, from system design to daily maintenance and support. They’ve always been responsive and provided personal service. Engler IT takes the time to understand our challenges so that they can provide the right response, the first time.

Andrew Tomlinson President
G&M Services, LLC

They are a true partner

As a small manufacturer and distributor of industrial product, we rely on partners for legal, accounting, and IT concerns. Knowing Engler IT has our back means the world to us. It allows us to concentrate on our day-to-day which translates an improved ability to service our customers. Engler IT quickly diagnoses our situation. They are a true partner with our company.

Steve Mullen President
MBC Ventures, Inc.

Trusted by Baltimore Businesses since 2004.