Hi Everyone this is IT Weekly and I'm Chris Engler

This weeks episode in on remote workforce security and was inspired by everyone being forced to work from home.

We're not going to talk about why everyone's working from home. You know why you're there. What we are addressing is how this sweeping dramatic change has the potential to leave us more vulnerable to cyber criminals and what we can do about it.

Since before all this started we were doing pretty good with the office network. We had plenty of best practices in place. Our ability to stabilize and secure the environment was more or less routine. And of course, as soon as you get anything figured out in IT, the world goes and changes everything around on you.

The result of the last 4 months is a that many businesses' infrastructures transformed virtually over night. The new model is more or less decentralized, and incorporates many more devices of different types connected in different ways. We have a lot more moving parts, and that means a lot more can go wrong. We also have much more of our information being transmitted over the internet, and that means there's more opportunity for the bad guys to get a hold of our information and gain access to our systems.

What are some quick guidelines we can follow to help mitigate these risks so our folks can work from home safely.

  • Company Devices that can be managed and secured by your IT people
  • Firewalls properly configured
  • Encrypted Remote Communications
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Wherever possible.
  • Acceptable Use Policy - so people know what they should and should not do

Until we're allowed to play outside again this is the new normal. The longer things remain this way the more cyber criminals will be continuously identifying vulnerabilities, and developing and executing attacks on our changed infrastructures. Don't make it easy on them.

At Engler IT we take security very seriously, and we make sure all our clients are as secure as possible in these changing times.

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