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Are You Ready to Save $15,000,000?

The Exec Email Fraud Menace Continues: Crooks Net $15 Million Via Microsoft’s Cloud Lets break down this click bait headline Firstly: You can forget about this Microsoft cloud reference. Even though much of the action took place in Office365, it ...

Who Needs Privacy?! Social Media Companies Don't Think You Do.

A recent article recalls a past privacy scandal involving Facebook and British political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica.  It also focuses on a report from business research firm, Insider Intelligence, which surveyed the U.S. public’s opinions on social media privacy.  The ...

Is Your VoIP System Safe?

  Hi everyone this is IT Weekly and I’m Chris Engler This week’s episode is on VoIP and Voice Security, and was inspired by a recent malware attack targeting VoIP systems. Researchers from cybersecurity firm ESET discovered a malware variant ...

The Cloud

Hi everyone, this is IT Weekly and I’m Chris Engler This week’s episode in on the cloud, and was inspired by a recent article about cloud-based IT and business maturity. The cloud has been around for as long as there’s ...

One Evil Internet Minute

The report, Evil Internet Minute, released by San Francisco based cyber security firm Risk IQ offers a summary of threats businesses face every minute of everyday. Here’s just a few of those items: 1.5 Computers Attacked 16,172 Records Compromised 375 ...

Teams is Microsoft’s answer to everything.

Teams is Microsoft’s answer to everything.  It’s essentially the hub for the Office365 productivity system.  All of Microsoft’s other apps and services integrate with it.  Teams started out as Microsoft’s chat-based collaboration platform following industry leader Slack.  With some recent ...

Manage Your Passwords - Like a BOSS!

This week’s episode is on password managers, and was inspired by the U.K. potentially outlawing weak passwords. A recent article highlights the enormous concern around password security and the every growing plethora of smart devices that are working their way ...

Have You Been Spoofed?

In a recent phishing scam, cybercriminals sent out emails that appeared to be from the SBA to business owners, CEOs and CFOs, enticing them to download malware and divulge personal banking information. You might be asking, "Chris, what is spoofing?" ...

Microsoft Paid Hackers Over $13,700,000!!!

“Why is Microsoft paying hackers?” You might ask.  Microsoft pays hackers to discover and assess vulnerabilities in its products.  This is a great way for Microsoft to improve the security of their products.  But this is also a reminder that ...

Remote Workforce Security

Hi Everyone this is IT Weekly and I'm Chris Engler This weeks episode in on remote workforce security and was inspired by everyone being forced to work from home. We're not going to talk about why everyone's working from home. ...

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