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TikTok is Under Scrutiny

Researchers and journalist are scrutinizing the worlds fastest growing social media platform, TikTok, concerning the privacy of its users’ data. TikTok is an app used to watch, make, and share videos with other users. The app’s ease of use has ...

Zoom and Office 365 Users Targeted by Cybercriminals

A recent article from highlights a phishing scam that targeted victims by claiming their Zoom account had been suspended.  Because Office 365 is one of the top productivity platforms for business, and that Zoom has become business’s primary way ...

UCSF Paid a Ransom Totaling $1.14 Million Dollars to Criminals

  This week’s episode is about cybersecurity; specifically the threat of footholds, and was inspired by a recent cyber attack that forced the University of California to pay over a million dollars in ransom. The University of California, San Francisco ...

Honda Manufacturing Plants Went Offline - IT Weekly

Honda manufacturing plants in Ohio and Turkey went offline Tuesday, June 9th after a cyberattack compromised the Japanese automakers facilities. Cybersecurity researches suggest a ransomware attack is the most likely to blame. As you can imagine Honda suffered huge losses ...

The Largest Data Breach in CIA History

In the news recently we had an open letter drafted by US Senator Ron Wyden, to Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, lambasting federal intelligence agencies for their woefully lax cyber security practices.  Primarily citing the CIA’s 2016 data breach ...

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